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The Shutter UPDATE: Planet Thailand & Aiello's

Last week's edition of The Shutter—Eater's regular reports on establishments closing their doors for the last time—begs for follow-up on a few fronts. To wit:

2006_03_firehour.jpg1) Williamsburg: The rumored shuttering of Planet Thailand turned out to be accurate, although apparently not for health reasons. Reports an Eater correspondent, "PT was shut down temporarily for serving minors. The cops also hit North 6th and somewhere else in the nabe too."

2) Gramercy: Regarding the photograph of the establishment see on fire, several readers kindly informed us that the place in question is Aiello's. Reports an Eater reader, "They had AMAZING buffalo wings. The menu had this whole long narrative about the owner training in the bars and restaurants of Buffalo and bringing his learnin' back to NY. It definitely showed. He could use a trip to Naples to learn a thing or two about pizza, though. It's on Third Ave. b/w 27th and 28th. Not sure what the story is behind the fire, but their voicemail says they're hoping to reopen in the same location." Another reader says they've already reopened.

While we've got you here, let's throw out a Shutter Code Red Alert, courtesy of a tipster: "Two rumors i have heard recently: Markt and Hog Pit in the meatpacking district are closing due to exorbitant rent increases." Truth or fiction? If you know, let us know.

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