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The Shutter: Planet Thailand (Health Rumor), Banania, Café Juanita

1) Williamsburg: An Eater reader sends along a code red rumor: "As a longtime Williamsburg resident dating back to the time when Planet Thai (old small one) and the L cafe were pretty much the only places to eat in the hood, I was suprised to see that Planet Thai (newer, giant incarnation) has been shut down by the health dept. Thought you guys might like to know and maybe you can get the inside news to this?" A call to the restaurant rang and rang this afternoon with no answer; the Citysearch profile has a new user review posted just yesterday. Anyone know more? If it is shuttered, we're inclined to believe it's just a temporary situation. But still: ooo-wheee.

2) Smith Street: A Brooklyn Life reports on a confirmed Brooklyn closing: "Banania at 241 Smith Street has closed and will open up under a new name in April. The brunch, according to a sign in the window, will stay the same."

2006_03_firehour.jpg3) Gramercy? An Eater reader submits this photo of a restaurant fire last weekend. Can't figure out which joint that is, or even confirm the neighborhood, but suffice to say it's probably not good times therein.

4) Lower East Side: More quasi-Clinton Street carnage. An Eater reader emails, "Heard from the waiter last weekend that Cafe Juanita, home of the amazing Hangover Brunch will be closing April 2. Seems the brunch was a big hit, but evenings the rest of the week: not so much. I'm heartbroken. Not only was the price right ($15) for all you can drink, the food was amazing. It's one of the few places I will order an omelet. Most places burn 'em." [Citysearch Profile]

Got the scoop on a restaurant closing? The power is yours to do the right thing.