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Buddha Bar Readying for Its 15 Minutes

Hard as it is to believe, Buddha Bar NYC may finally be nearing its grand opening after, quite literally, three years of 'coming soon'. Liquor license issues appear to be resolved, real estate fumbles are a thing of the past (ironically enough, 75 Ninth Avenue, now Buddakan, was first to be Buddha Bar), and construction is almost finished on the 500-seat MePa outpost of the famous Paris Buddha shrine.

So, if you can muster the energy to get excited, it's time to fire up the buzzfeed. First, Buddha Bar NYC's official website and Flash extravaganza, which, if it doesn't cripple your web browser, provides such goodness as sample menus and renderings of the interior spaces of the restaurant. Next, the most recent of the many Buddha preview items, a Page Six Mag rundown of the relevant names and particulars (except, unfortunately, for the correct address: 25 Little West 12th St). Finally, courtesy of the restaurant, the official Buddha Bar Virtual Walk-thru.

Calls the the restaurant confirm that Buddha Bar NYC will open 'somewhere between the 7th and 14th' of April, meaning May-ish the absolute latest. Press is by Paul Wilmot Communications, should you want to get yourself on the preview list.
· Buddha Bar NYC [official site]
· Night Moves: Buddha Bar NYC [PageSix]
· Buddha Bar Virtual Walk-thru [Buddhabarnyc]

RESY Watch:
buddha bar -- 212 647 7314 -- we are not taking reservations just yet, but would be happy to call you back when we are