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Week in Reviews BREAKING UPDATE: Augie v. A Voce

Turns out Bruni's 1-star hatering on Morimoto wasn't the day's only stunning pan. Augieland hit up the newly opened A Voce and awards the restaurant "211 lewinskibillion stars" using his uniquely unintelligible ratings system. The real pain is in the prose:

I am sorry to say I did not like it at all. I don’t say this meaning that you won’t like it, you may, but as far as my experience last night goes, they managed to do enough things exactly the opposite of how I believe they should be done that I would suggest not going.
Read the whole thing for more smackdown; bonus: scroll to the bottom for last Friday's full menu seen in part above.

To be fair, Leuzzi is among those with a more charitable take on A Voce. And on the bright side for the Italian newcomer, Bruni's got some extra stars left in his pocket as of late...
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