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Eater Inside: SASCHA

[Kalina, 3/20/06.]

Behold, at long last, SASCHA.* You're looking at an interior design by Sascha and his wife Latoya Lyon in conjunction with Andy Jacobson and Architect/Interior designer Glen Coben of Glen and Company.

If the opening night action is any indication, expect a warm, casual, and electric setting, installed quite elegantly into the 1887 landmarked building. Despite our early expectations and yours, this is not a McNally knock-off. Initial impressions of the menu are good as well, with the highlights being the scallop civiche, a double cheeseburger (West Coast-style, wrapped in paper), Chimay-soaked short ribs, and Belgian waffle sundae, inspired by the Waffle Haus at the base of Mt. Killington, VT (seriously; ask Chef Lyon yourself).

Menus: Downstairs, Upstairs, Breakfast, Dessert and Cocktails. Further reading at JuliB, DailyCandy, URBANDADDY, and NYM.

Above, the stately upstairs; below, the Bar Room.


*Mr. Lyon himself requests that when naming the restaurant you use all caps, as he likes to make a the distinction between himself, Sascha, and his restaurant, SASCHA.