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BruniBetting: Morimoto!

Remember the good times we had in January on the Morimoto Express? Tomorrow, the locomotive rolls again, when Bruni's Morimoto review drops. The Eater Odds makers have structured the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 200-1
One Star: 8-1
Two Stars: Even Money
Three Stars: 9-1
Four Stars: 1500-1
Steven Starr has been clear from the start that the sweet spot for his Iron Chef is a three-bagger, however will not loose sleep over the deuce, should it come to that. Factor in Platt's very complimentary three-starrer, Bruni's own first impressions and Strong's stinker and you get a sense of the possibilities. The central question of the day is how will The Brun balance the omakase against the regular menu. If his focus is on the former, then Mori's odds of grabbing the three star action increase exponentially (but, if Bruni acknowledges context, don't ever get great because Nobu has three and Morimoto ain't Nobu). If, however, the man allows the regular menu to play into his evaluation equally, the smart money is on an enthusiastic two stars. Given Chef Morimoto's credentials it's hard to bet on less.

Care to weigh-in?
· Morimoto Express: This Station Stop is Morimoto! [~E~]
· Morimoto Review [NYT; starting this eve around 10:30 p]

UPDATE: For the second straight week, Frank proves stingy. ONE STAR for the Iron Chef.