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Sascha Opens, 'Lyon's Den' headline officially taxed

Today in Sascha news, she's-a open! Look for the Kalina goodness in this space tomorrow. DailyCandy, the gold standard in opening-day restaurant coverage, has the announcement. (In fairness, JuliB, the category leader for preview items, had the story last week.) Expect a 'turn of the century' feel and, depending on the extent to which they pull it off, a casually elegant dining experience. Bottom line is that if Pastis alum Sascha Lyon can get his 10,000 square foot house in order, there's going to be plenty to enjoy here. As the reports come in, we'll be getting 'em back out to you.

Also, for those journalists with Sascha stories still to be filed, please consider this your official notice of the headline 'Lyon's Den' having been taken.
· Lyon's Den [DailyCandy]
· Lyon's Den [JuliB]

RESY Watch:
sascha -- 212-989-1920 -- all that I have left for this weekend is 6 or 7 and 10 or later.