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BREAKING: Shake Shack Soft Opening Today?!?

Though we do know the kind of hysteria this could set off, we nonetheless have an obligation to tell you that Shake Shack may be opening TODAY, one day early and completely unannounced. Per our Madison Square Park and vicinity correspondent:

"They're getting ready to roll at Shake Shack. You could smell something cooking while walking past the Flatiorn Building. Upon entering Mad Square Park, the Coca-Cola light was on the soda fountain, the chairs and they had started setting up the ugly tables chairs out front. Workers bustled inside, but they weren't open for breakfast or even coffee this morning. I smelled burgers...
We don't know what this means exactly -- and our Danny Meyer edition Countdown Clock definitely says T minus tomorrow -- but even if it's just a trial run, someone's going to have to eat those test burgers. Don't think, folks. Just go.
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