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PHOTO CONFIRMATION: Shake Shack Open, Line-Free

As reported here first thing this morning, Shake Shack has indeed opened its doors a day ahead of schedule. Special Eater correspondent Rien sends along the above picture taken moments ago of a sight not often seen: the Shack sans 45-minute line. Notes Rien:

Shake Shack is open today full hours. Cashier said they were ready so why not open a day early. They are handing out 2 dollar gift cards. Mint chocolate is the custard today. The Shack Burgers are as delicious as always. Best reason to go today: NO line.
Get thee, etc. Another view of the front of the non-line after the jump.

A menu addition to report: Second City bird wurst, a smoked chicken dog dragged through the garden (all the veggies available: onion, some sort of pickle, tomato, maybe a hot pepper and in chicago, ALWAYS with a dash of celry salt). Also, the official word on the early opening is that they're, "sort of doing staff training, getting warmed up." Gift card love ends at close of business today.
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