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Aces_Logo.jpgNew York City/Atlantic City: There are certain itches than can only be scratched by one thing: a trip to Atlantic City. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, the tools for said scratching have bordered on torture to date?a cramped bus, a car stuck in shore traffic, a local train stopping in every New Jersey town you've never heard of. Friends, the solution is here and it is glorious. Behold, ACES, the Atlantic City Express Service. From Penn Station to Atlantic City, with just a quick stop in Newark in between, in two hours, forty minutes.

En route, you'll luxuriate in the comfort and style of a train that treats you right, with food and beverage services in each car, a VIP lounge for your private events, and plush seating. When you arrive, ACES will shuttle you to the Borgata, Caesars, or Harrah's, where you can fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

· Buy Tickets Now [ACES]