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Buddakazam! Kalina Gets Inside

Buddakan! Ready or not, NoMeat, here she comes. Steven Starr's NY tour de force is slated to open this Monday, March 6th and, so far, they're running on schedule. Food is Pan-Asian, by Starr vet Michael Schulson in collaboration with hired gun Angelo Sosa (of Yumcha and the Vongerichten empire fame). The interior is by the great Chrisian Liaigre (Mercer Kitchen and Hakkasan). The reservation line is 212-989-6699.

These are the first of 11 photos of the Buddakan interior we'll be showing you today. We do hope you'll clear your schedule, as it is going to be quite a ride.

Ahead are two alternate views of this, the Grand Hall.


The Buddakazam, The Tour continues here.

All Buddakan photos, all day long, for Eater Inside by the highly deft Noah Kalina.


75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 212 989 6699