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Official MePa/NoMeat Status Report

If you're taken aback by the incredible volume of nightlife activity going on in MePa/NoMeat, then you're not alone--you're just paying attention. To help you process it all, here now is our handy MePa/NoMeat Status Report, arranged roughly north to south.

1) Steven Starr opens his second behemoth restaurant in as many months when Buddakan opens Monday at 9th Avenue and 16th St. Not a public word has been uttered about the food, but we do know chefs Michael Schulson and Angelo Sosa are still tweaking the menu. Kalina's been inside and we'll be bringing you photos from his adventure all day.

2) Over on 10th Avenue and 16th, Starr's Morimoto, is now one month into its bid to reign supreme among the Japanese hot spots. While early reports have not been good, we've heard that Starr is considering the idea of having Angelo Sosa, who is consulting at Buddakan, lend his hand to the Iron Chef as well. Meanwhile, Augieland's magical omakase tour continues.

3) Mario Batali and his team at Del Posto have survived Orange Wednesday, having emerged on the other side with three stars from the Times. Reports are that Mario is pleased, and pleased to have gotten the Bruni review over with. Del Posto is not out of the woods yet, however, and they've brought in LBO kingpin/Del Posto bankroller Henry Kravis to attempt to strong arm landlord Somerset. Plus, as Keil reported this AM, there is still another issue to resolve, this one having to do with occupancy permits.

4) While readying Craftsteak, Colicchio announces that he'll also be opening a 'wichcraft in the building, but will wait for Mario et al to settle their issues with the landlord before proceeding. (Read: He'll wait until Batali's HVAC is removed from his 'wichcraft space, thank you very much.) Late April is the earliest you'll be seeing the interior of Craftsteak, with 'wichcraft to follow on a timeline TBD.

The MePa report just ahead.

5) Back over to 9th, G Spa and Lounge has opened in the basement of the Hotel Gansevoort. A spa by day and a lounge by night, the door is being run by Butter's Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano. Adam Alpert is the man you'll want to see once inside, if you have any hope of getting a seat.

6) Hey, remember Sascha? Sascha? We may have been a little harsh back in June -- may have been -- but no matter now, because she's readying for her big moment. Pastis alum Sascha Lyon finally got his kitchen installed around the first of the year and after much delay, practice, and anticipation, it seems the time as come. Word is that they're taking reservations for March 13th and on (212-989-1920).

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