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Adventures in Public Relations: MANOR Edition

Any time a press release hits our inbox with a headline like this—"REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER CARVES OUT NEW NICHE FOR HIS CELEBRITY CLIENTELE"—we know we're in for a treat. Today, from the good folks at Rubenstein, word of a Meatpacking newcomer called Manor. Our favorite line from the release? The choice is difficult:

1) "The Manor, set to open March 30th in the chic Meat packing District, will be a playground for the rich and famous."
2) "Together this synergy will bring together opulence and luxurious amenities from the outside to within."
3) "The level of MANOR is one of opulence and luxurious amenities."
4) "You are sure to enter this surreal world as if walking into a playboy’s private wing of a mansion."
5) "The feel and ambiance of the room defines modern luxury with the use of supple leathers, rich woods, refined furniture and at end of the room is a state of the art deejay podium clad in 24-carat gold, inspired from altars in cathedrals."

Tough choice, but we're giving it to #2. (If you can't get enough, Curbed has more.)
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