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The Shutter: Kelley & Ping (Gramercy), Rainbow Falafel, French Quarter

In today's installation of The Shutter, we bring news of three closings:

1) Gramercy: First, we hear of Thai installation Kelley & Ping having shuttered: "I noticed last night that Kelley & Ping, on the corner of 3rd Avenue & 25th St., was dark at around 9 p.m. Seemed awfully strange for it to be shuttered at that hour on a Tuesday evening. I called today and got a recording that the phone has been disconnected. I think it's safe to presume that they have closed. Another, less forgiving tipster adds, "I couldn't help but notice that the Kelley and Ping at 25th St. and Third Avenue has been dark and there is a sign in the widow saying that they are closing for business. It's no surprise to me. I live across the street and was actually excited that a Kelley and Ping would open in our neighborhood. But the service sucked each of the three times I ate there. I also tried delivery but it took an hour and the food was always cold. So I gave up. And now it looks like they did too...

2) Union Square: Next, "Rainbow Falafel, purveyors of perhaps the city's finest hummus, seem to have closed." UPDATE: After a brief clean-up/makeover stint, they're back open.

2) Park Ave South: Finally, some carnage courtesy of the DOH: "The French Quarter, the Cajun/Creole restaurant on 25th St., near Park Av. S., has been closed, according to the signs affixed to the door, by order of the NYC Board of Health." Perhaps the best explanation, however, comes from the Citysearch reviewer who said, "If this is good cajun then Teriyaki Boy is Nobu."

Seen a closing in your neighborhood? You know what to do.