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Plywood Report: Dona Revealed!, Chanto, Jack, Via Emilia, and Blue Point

It's Friday and since we've been a little fixated on death this week, we figure it's time to serve up some good, old fashioned Plywood. This go around, we've got a first look at Dona, Chango shows itself, a dispatch from Jack, the word on Via Emilia relocating, and more action in plywood playground, Hell's Kitchen:

2006_03_plywood_dona.jpg1) UES: Donatella Arpaia may have a ways to go inside, but her forthcoming Dona certainly seems spruced from the outside. Per our cam-phoning tipster, "Bellini is enroute to becoming Dona. Though you can't really read it, the bottom of the flapping yellow sign announces it's specializing in "Southern European Cuisine." [POST PLYWOOD]

2) Central Village: A brief but damning report on the recently opened plywood favorite, Jack: "went there for dinner. 2nd night open but nothing too good to report.. very mediocre roast chicken. steak frites was tough. geriatric crowd. place doesn't hold a candle to knickerbocker. shame." [OPEN/DEATHWATCH]

2006_03_chantologo.jpg3) West Village: More information has arrived on the space that was Moomba. It will be Chanto, an import from Japan. Per the press materials, expect dishes such as grilled foie gras witih daikon radish in sake kasu sauce, chicken wings with gyoza stuffing, fried oysters wrapped in prosciutto and a NY strip sirloin with soy mustard sauce. Upstairs is fine dining, downstairs is a casual lounge. The venue is slated to open April 8 and reservations are being accepted now (212-463-8686). [POST PLYWOOD]

Ahead, Via Emilia and the mysterious and very blue, Blue Point.

4) Park Ave South: Next, Eat delivers the goods on a Park South staple: "I walked past Via Emilia on Park Ave South last night, and they had the attached sign taped to the window. It reads:

"Dear customers,

Thank you so much for your patronage until now. We are closing this restaurant as of March 5th. We are moving our location to 47 East 21st street. We will be open in this spring with a totally new menu and a new selection of our wine list.

We look forward to seeing you again!!!!!"

"I hope they don't try to get fancy, as this is one of the only Italian restaurants I like in the whole city, and their prices are so reasonable." [PRE PLYWOOD]

5) Hell's Kitchen: Rose of The Hungry Rose shoots over this eye-catching morsel: "Doing my usual 9th avenue walk and saw this the other day, at corner of 46th street. Is it a bar? a restaurant? Blue Point is a type of oyster, an oyster bar? Anyway, it's very blue indeed." That last bit being somewhat of an understatement (image below). Looks to be a neighborhood raw bar, but that's just a guess. Who has the details? [POST PLYWOOD]


Plywood of your own to report? Do tell.