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Receiptrocity: Variety is Good

Buckle in for another edition of Receiptrocity, fast-becoming a most raunchy of Eater features.

This week's gem comes to us from eychao's photostream (and, to a lesser extent, the virtues of random Sitemeter checks). Though the venue here is unknown, the receiptrocity is no less wonderfully appalling. The requisite note that accompanies this photo is, of course, "Today for lunch I had Mixed Vag". Naturally, with $1 extra fried tofu. Because the only thing better than plain mixed vag is mixed vag with $1 extr--

Okay, you get the idea. Good times indeed, folks!

· Receipt [Flickr/eychao]

Back from lunch with a receipt that's begging for the spotlight? Put those company scanners to good use. Scan, save, and shoot 'em our way.