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Eater Inside: Jadis

[Kalina, 3/16/06.]

This is the two week old Jadis, a new wine bar at 42 Rivington St. From an insta-review, we received this week:

i passed by and stopped in jadis, a wine bar that opened less than 2 weeks ago at 42 rivington, between eldridge and forsyth, and everyone in my group loved this place. they have a menu of some country french fare, and more than anything gives the place such a great homey feel. the ambience is comfortable, and the people who work there are knowledgable about their wines and provide fantastic service. i had no idea wines could have this much flavor, and they have definitely introduced me to my new favorite wine. people definitely need to know about this place!
And now you do, friends.

Ostensibly, Jadis it is named after Jadis the White Witch of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

UPDATE: A better theory on the naming: "Considering it's a French restaurant, I was thinking it was named after the French word "jadis," which roughly refers to something in a previous incarnation (the word "former" springs to mind, but "jadis" really has connotations of yesteryear). The fact that the decor and menu is old-timey/country food supports this idea."