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'06 Beard Journalism Awards Announced

The Beard awards for journalism have been announced and, well, the foodie bloggers can't be happy. Blogsphere badboy/Food & Wine columnist Pete Wells has been nominated twice:

Magazine Writing on Spirits, Wine, or Beer

Pete Wells
Food & Wine
"A Cocktail Purist"

Newspaper or Magazine Columns

Pete Wells
Food & Wine
Always Hungry: "Four Star Baby Food",
"Can a Restaurant be Cloned?", "Is
Lard Health Food?"
6/05, 11/05, 12/05

The full list of nominees (links, ours, for your convenience):

Newspaper Feature Writing About Restaurants and/or Chefs With or Without Recipes

Bill Addison
Creative Loafing Atlanta
"Hail to the Chefs: Eight Mouths of the South Who Elevate Regional Fare with True Grits"

Brett Anderson
The Times-Picayune
"The Natural"

Mark Caro
Chicago Tribune
"Liver and Let Live"

Newspaper Feature Writing With Recipes

Carolynn Carreño
Los Angeles Times
"Cubism Makes a Comeback: In An Era of Slow Food You'd Be Surprised Who's Plopping Bouillon Cubes in Coq Au Vin, Chiles Rellenos or Even Sheep's Milk Ricotta Ravioli "

Elizabeth Lee
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Going for Gold"

Carol Ness
San Francisco Chronicle
"Outstanding in His Field; Farmers Create a Market Niche for Eco-Friendly Heritage Meats"

Newspaper Feature Writing Without Recipes

Kristen Hinman
Riverfront Times (St. Louis)
"Something Fishy"

Beatriz Terrazas
The Dallas Morning News

Joel Warner
Westword (Denver)
"Mr. Big"

Newspaper Restaurant Review or Critique

Meredith Ford
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"We Have Lift-Off; Find a Comfy Spot", "Enjoy the Getaway", "Stir Wars"
8/18/05, 5/19/05, 6/2/05

Jonathan Gold
LA Weekly
"Great Balls O' Rice", "Raw Power", "The Revolutionary"
7/15/05, 7/1/05, 3/18/05

Jason Sheehan
Westword (Denver)
"Girl Trouble", "Z Whiz", "Kokoro Bebop"
2/17/05, 11/10/05, 11/24/05

Newspaper or Magazine Reporting on Nutrition or Food-Related Consumer Issues

Allison J. Cleary
EatingWell™, The Magazine of Food and Health
"Fast Road to Fat City: What Price All Those Cheap Burgers & Fries? Science Starts to Find the Unsettling Answers"

Rachael Moeller Gorman
EatingWell™, The Magazine of Food and Health
"Faux Food: Where Have All Our Nutrients Gone?"

Jonathan Kauffman
East Bay Express (San Francisco)
"Endangered Species"

Newspaper or Magazine Columns

Dara Moskowitz
City Pages (Minneapolis)
"Rustica Rising", "The Great Steak Hunt", "Sweet, Sweet Liberty"
2/16/05, 5/11/05, 7/6/05

Pete Wells
Food & Wine
Always Hungry: "Four Star Baby Food",
"Can a Restaurant be Cloned?", "Is
Lard Health Food?"
6/05, 11/05, 12/05

Olivia Wu
San Francisco Chronicle
Seafood by the Season: "Sizing up Shrimp", "Northern Exposure", "Pacific Oysters Hit Peak in Marin"
4/13/05, 6/8/05, 10/19/05

Newspaper Writing on Spirits, Wine, or Beer

Stephen Lemons
Phoenix New Times
"Behind the Green Door"

Dara Moskowitz
City Pages (Minneapolis)
"Wine & Dine 2005: The World in a Bottle: New Tastes From the Old World"

Robb Walsh
Houston Press
"Mixing It Up"

Internet Writing on Food, Restaurant, Beverage, or Nutrition

Michael Apstein
"Reserve Wines Score, But at What Price?"

Sara Dickerman
Slate Magazine
"Down with Gloves: Why Chefs Shouldn't Have to Wear Them"

Mike Steinberger
Slate Magazine
"Star Wars: Did Michelin Lower the Bar for New York?"

Magazine Feature Writing With Recipes

Fuchsia Dunlop
"Sichuan Street Snacks"

Dorie Greenspan
Bon Appétit
"When French Women Bake."

Karen Stabiner
Gourmet Magazine
"Brisket Brought Us Together"

Magazine Feature Writing Without Recipes

Adam Sachs
Condé Nast Traveler
"A Nonstop, Unapologetically High-Calorie Foodie's Tour de France"

Marshall Sella
New York Magazine
"Does a Duck Have a Soul?"

Patricia Sharpe
Texas Monthly
"Confessions of a Skinny Bitch"

Magazine Restaurant Review or Critique

Caroline Bates
Gourmet Magazine
"Pier Review", "When Tokyo Met Lyon,
or The Rise and Rise of Asian Fusion",
"Vegas Double Time"
2/05, 6/05, 10/05

Patric Kuh
Los Angeles Magazine
"In the Raw", "Steak Out", "Seaworld"
9/05, 10/05, 11/05

Alan Richman
"The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat
Before You Die", "The Mex Big Thing", "Puncturing the Michelin Myth"
7/05, 9/05, 11/05

Magazine Writing on Spirits, Wine, or Beer

Maricel E. Presilla
"Mendoza Mountain High"

Sara Schneider
Sunset Magazine
"Wild West Wine"

Pete Wells
Food & Wine
"A Cocktail Purist"

Internet Website for Food (New Award Category)

Alice Feiring
Tanya Wenman Steel
David Leite

Newspaper Section with circulation under 300,000

San Jose Mercury News
Julie Kaufmann

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Judith Evans

The Denver Post
Kristen Browning-Blas

Newspaper Section with circulation 300,000 and above

Chicago Tribune
Carol Mighton Haddix

San Francisco Chronicle
Miriam Morgan and Linda Murphy

Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Lee Svitak Dean

MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award

Nelson Handel
The Walrus
"Frontiers of Flavour"

Jack Hitt
Gourmet Magazine
"Lowcountry Lowdown"

Jay McInerney
"Will Alain Ducasse Take Over the World?"

Television Food Segment, National or Local

ABC 7 News at 11:00 (a.m.)
Host: Steve Dolinsky
Network: WLS-TV (ABC), Chicago, N.W. Indiana, S.W. Michigan, S.E. Wisconsin
Producer: Badriyyah Waheed

CBS 2 News, Chicago
Host: Vince Gerasole
Network: WBBM

Guangzhou Where I Was Born
Host: Martin Yan
Network: PBS (American Public Television)
Producers: Nat Katzman and Geoffrey Drummond

Television Food Special

Chefs A' Field: Featuring Four Chefs
Network: PBS (American Public Television)
Producers: Heidi Hanson and Chris Warner

Cowboys on the Trail
Host: Tim Love
Network: Food Network
Producer: Katrina Sarson

Hamburger America
Network: Sundance Channel
Producer: George Motz

Television Food Show, Local

Bay Cafe
Host: Joey Altman
Network: KRON (San Francisco Bay Area)
Producers: Joey Altman and Christa Resing

Check, Please! Bay Area
Host: Leslie Sbrocco
Networks: KQED (San Francisco Bay Area)
Producer: Tina Salter

In Wine Country
Host: Mary Babbitt
Network: NBC 11/KNTV
(San Francisco Bay Area)
Producer: Mary Orlin

Television Food Show, National

Chefs A' Field: Culinary Adventures
That Begin on the Farm
Network: PBS (American Public Television)
Producers: Heidi Hanson and Chris Warner

Chef at Home: Hors d 'Oeuvres Party
Host: Chef Michael Smith
Network: The Food Network Canada
Producers: Johanna Eliot and Gretha Rose

How to Cook Everything
Host: Mark Bittman
Network: PBS (American Public Television)
Producer: Charles Pinsky

The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter: Giradet
Host: Charlie Trotter
Network: PBS (American Public Television)
Producers: Melanie Kosaka and Robert Bates

Radio Food Show

A Chef's Table: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving
Host: Jim Coleman
Area: WHYY-FM Philadelphia (National, PRX)
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Perez-Luna
Producer: Lari Robling

The Hidden Kitchens Project
Hosts: Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva
Area: NPR, KQED San Francisco and WBEZ Chicago (NPR Satellite, PRX)
Producers: Davia Nelson, Nikki Silva and Jay Allison

The Leonard Lopate Show
Host: Leonard Lopate
Area: WNYC (National, XM Satellite)
Producer: Melissa Waldron-Lehner

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