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Wednesday Food Section Buzzwrap

1) The Post's Keil, who's not only taken a second mortgage out on the Del Posto story but is currently putting everyone he knows through college on it, reports today that the legal smackdown is, once again, imminent. Co-owner Joe Bastianich is showing up at tomorrow's Supreme Court hearing with a valid assembly permit but, Keil says, don't expect Somerset's legal team to "let them slide on past indiscretions." [NYPost]
2) FloFab walks us through the former identities—NoLiTa Mix It and Porcupine—of Jacques Ouari's newest iteration of his French-African Nolita restaurant, now simply called Jacques. Something to get excited about is Ted Turner's midtown Ted's Montana Grill, scheduled for a late fall opening. [NYTimes]
3) The long-awaited Sascha is opening next Monday, not yesterday. [StrongBuzz]