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The Shutter: Minado

Some carnage to report in Midtown/Koreatown, where it seems that sushi buffet Minado has been shuttered. As it came to us:

Minado sorta in Koreatown has closed. No longer on their website. Went once with an observant Jew who was in heaven with all the sushi. I was, like, Ick and wouldn't eat anything that wasn't grilled. But the place was loaded with about nine flavors of Asians: Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Hmong. Not a whole lot of Japanese that I noticed which, of course, was a bad sign.
Hat tip to Nosh, who called for a Deathwatch back in August.

UPDATE: Forgive us, as we've been a little death-happy over the last couple of days. Minado is still open.

Witnessed a violent Shutter strike in your neighborhood? It helps to talk about it.