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Resy Contest: The Finalists

While we wait for Kalina to return from Clinton St, where he's been dispatched to document, in the way only he knows how, the closing of 71 Clinton, here now are a look at the finalist non-winners from last week's Resy Contest.

First, a few about which we apprecaited the simplistic, clean, to-the-point approach, but untimately could not crown (the last of which because we're a family blog):

1) Easy - I'd get 25 lb of Katz' soft salami with a Cel-Ray to wash it down.

2) TONGUE VS TONGUE: 2 tongue sandwiches at katz's deli; Followed by whatever tongue dish at WD-50 is on the menu (I hope pickled)

3) I don't know if this qualifies as "food and drink", per se, but I'd take my money directly to The Dark Room for some low- quality Speedballs.

Next, an entry we appreciated, and to which we aspired to ourselves be capable of from a foodie perspective; unfortunately, also one disqualified based on technicalities:

4) I'd wait until local mushrooms were perfectly in season, check with owners of The Tasting Room to make sure they'll be having the dish, then go every night they're open during one week ordering the same thing: a plate of roasted mushrooms they make for $32. Last spring they were the most amazing thing I had ever tasted, great enough to give any suicide bomber pause about those 72 blue eyed virgins. I'd wash each plate down with a glass of Jordan (big J on the bottle) sparkling wine they serve. [not one night, not LES]

Finally, an entry that was for a time the front-runner, but that eventually would fall to a better venue name dropper:

5) I would without question tap a keg on the deck at my old friend Mike Dreeland's famous place on Rivington. Then shuffle over with the crew to Rosario's for the best pizza and of course with any left over money pick up some delicious cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Nothing fancy, just good times in keeping with the laid back hood.

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