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BruniBetting: P.J. Clarke's on the Hudson

Tomorrow, Bruni reviews PJ Clarke's on the Hudson (as per our prediction that he was due for something that'll have zero impact on anyone). Today, the Eater Odds makers have structured the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 85-1
One Star: 3-2
Two Stars: 23-1
Three Stars: 1,200-1
Four Stars: 23,000-1
The smart money is on a heart-felt one-star review. Look for The Brun's acknowledgement of the history of the place, high scores for scene/utility/atmosphere, the versatile menu, and the comfort food offerings; also look for serious column inchage devoted to the bacon cheeseburger with a side of home fries. High rollers will take the two-star action, if only for the fun of seeing poor Paul Liebrandt sous vide himself out of his misery.

Please bet amongst yourselves.

UPDATE: Frank proves more willing to pull the goose egg trigger than imagined; Zero Stars/Satisfactory