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Sascha: T Minus One Week

It's T minus one week for the opening of Sascha, the latest MePa behemoth of McNally-esque European cooking. Which means, of course, a revisiting of the press release that sparked a thousand skeptics. And while we're at the edge of our seat in anticipation of Chef Lyon's "decadent layer cakes" and "vibrant wines," we find ourselves compelled to point out its ever-so-slightly divisive nature.

1) The renovations and design of Sascha are based on a culmination of Sascha Lyon’s life experiences creating a versatile establishment where the elite and influential rub shoulders with the hoi polloi.
2) Sascha will be a spot where each gathers to socialize over classic cocktails and dine on fine food enticing loyal customers through sensual textures, rich colors and a basic equation of quality and simplicity.
3) When dining within each of Sascha’s rooms, the adept patron will notice several amenities sure to make a rich and full dining experience.

Say—just as a thinking problem—we were uninfluential, flighty, and incompetent?
· Grand Opening of Sascha [.pdf downbload]
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