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Introducing the Eater Deathwatch

We're very pleased to announce the tantalizingly diabolical, Eater Deathwatch. From now on, when you see this stamp you'll know a venue is in trouble. It is not based on anything particularly scientific, mind you, but on the guttural instinct one gets from time to time walking past a venue on life support, combined with the knowledge that 1 out of 2 venues close in their first year. Sometimes we'll provide additional details on Deathwatch listees, such as the over/under on a closing date, other times, we'll just leave a dying venue be.

We think you'll get the hang of this pretty quickly. Eater Deathwatch. Such a warm, friendly ring it has, no?

The warning signs are unmistakable--20% off lunch offers, seasonal menu stunts involving tomato-themed cocktails, 8:45 Thursday night ghost towns. See a venue in need of monitoring? You know you do. Nominations now being accepted!