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CNET Buys Chowhound

Jim Leff, founder of foodie circus Chowhound, announced Friday that his passion project of 8-plus years has been acquired by new media company CNET Networks. Terms of the deal and structure of the new Chowhound haven't been described in detail but Leff assures concerned 'Hounders, "CNET Networks keeping a roof over our head is a good thing. What happens under that roof is chow, baby, chow. Same vibe, same tone, same gang." Happy and relieved, he added in an interview, "Keeping this show running for eight years was miraculous but it had reached the point where I had to conjure up miracles by the week. And they were harder and harder to pull from my sleeve. I definitely felt the weight of all the hounds out there. Shoot, how could I possibly let them down? But the solution just fell into place. And I’m super pleased that CNET gets what we do. That’s the real miracle."

A much needed front and back end site redesign is in the works with a relaunch slated for 'Summer.' Those wishing to make suggestions for the new Chowhound can do so at Mule Design, who is designing the new site. No word yet on whether or not the banned will be given a clean slate.
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