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Plywood Report: Zak's Next Move and Harlem Hotness

1) Flatiron: For starters, a crucial bit of pre-plywood passed along by a special Eater operative: "In May, Zak Pelaccio (Fatty Crab, Five Ninth) is opening a 22,000 sq foot lounge/resto in the penthouse/roof of a former office building (the old Victoria Hotel) at 27th and Fifth Ave. A corner of it is a restaurant, the rest is a lounge. They plan to have a few "tricked out dim-sum carts" rolling through the place offering small plates of Malaysian food." Glad tidings.


2) Harlem: From blogger Hot In Harlem come shots of two neighborhood plywoods. Above left, the Soupman cometh on Lenox between 131st and 132nd. Above right, on Seventh Avenue and 126th, it's seafood and bowling, together at last. That's forthcoming restaurant/bar/grill Pier2110 that's taking over the old Alhambra Theater in the foreground.

3) East Village: Following up on last Friday's Plywood Report about the old Smoked space, a reader emails a veritable mixed grill: "Further report from the cursed corner of 6th St and Second Ave. Bamboo House is temporarily closed (but still open for delivery) because of a 'Rescue Me' TV series shoot, although to be honest, I don't know how they manage to stay open. And Hooters may not be coming to the neighborhood, but guess what is? Everyone's already eye-rolling at Bounce Deuce: A Sports Lounge which has begun to take over the former (and short-lived) Smoked space. The sparkly new signage promises optimum obnoxiousness and verifies that corporations are growing like cancer in this slice of the east village. Fortunately, just down the avenue a few blocks, Nomad, a brand new narrow 65-seater serving north african food, opened under former chef/partner of beloved Cucina di Pesce, Meheni Zebentout." [Strong has more on Nomad]

4) Hell's Kitchen: Spotted by WhatISee: a new Cold Stone Creamery coming to Ninth Avenue near 52nd Street. "I'm just not sure how it can make enough money to pay the franchise fees."

Seen plywood in your neighborhood? Drop us a line; double bonus points for digital pix.