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Reminder: Resy Contest Closes at 2 PM Today

The clock is ticking for those of you who still haven't submitted Resy Contest entries. To refresh, a closing night (this Saturday), 8:30 table for two at 71 Clinton goes to the person who best answers this question:

Confined to the Lower East Side only, how would you spend $250 on food and drink on a Thursday night?

Examples of acceptable entries include: "25 lb of Katz' soft salami with a Cel-Ray to wash it down." Examples do NOT include nonsense such as this: "I live on the Upper East Side, it would cost me $250 just to FIND the Lower East Side. But seriously, I did have dinner down there...once. $15 cab ride to get there, $20 for dinner and $15 to get home again. I guess that would leave me with $200 to buy hipster clothes for the adventure."

Something here about how you've got to be in it to win it.