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Bubble Lounge Wins Online PR Move of the Week Honors

Online PR Move of the Week honors go to the Bubble Lounge (honorable mention to Baum, obvs), which is one of three Tribeca bars in jeopardy of having its liquor license revoked, based on its close proximity to a mosque. The story of these revocations -- all of which Eater opposes, for the record -- also got some traction over at Gawker, including in Comments, where Chris Faile of Hard, Cutting suggested the bars collectively offer Bubble Lounge as a sacrifice. SFX to Full: [laugh track].

In a genius move, Bubble Lounge owner Eric Benn responded to Faile with a note saying, "we would certainly sacrifice the Bubble Lounge, which is only 192 feet from the mosque's door (8'1" too close), if it could guarantee that all other four establishments would remain in business. And the problem isn't even the mosque, it's our post-prohibition paranoid laws and the unconstitutional violation of the separation of church and state. Imagine the battle ahead!"

This being exactly the kind of note you'd send if you wanted to have the bloggers behind your effort to be the last bar on the block standing, because imagine the battle ahead!

Eric Benn: Nicely done. Tribeca Tavern: We're waiiiting...
· You Go, Bubble Lounge [Hard, Cutting]