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71 Clinton Resy Contest: We Have a Winner!

The competition was as fierce as we've seen to date for a Resy Contest, but from it emerged one entry that got at the essence of the contest, which was to capture the perfect night on the LES. Or one version of the perfect night, at least. Congratulations to Adam Graham, who submitted this entry:

I would start my thursday night out at The Sweet Life on Hester St, dropping $50 on carmel covered marshmallows, chocolate covered graham crackers, giant jawbreakers, and Swedish Fish just for LES kicks. Next I'd head to The Doughnut Plant for $30 dollar's worth of pear, vanilla and peanut butter and jelly donuts (the original yeasty ones) to get me through the weekend. I'd also grab a cute pink cup's worth of coffee ($2) at Full City and quickly admire the amazing view of the Empire State Bldg before heading over to Lotus on Clinton St for a couple of pre-dinner drinks. ($15) and then to Swede-haven Good World for a few more drinks ($20) and maybe a cloudberry jam smeared something or other (Cloudberry is nearly impossible to find outside Sweden.)

Next, off to Les Enfants Terirbles for a soothing Drum & Bass DJ set and a light afro-french-inspired dinner ($50) and East Canal hottie spotting. After the scene becomes too insufferably chic, we'd head to Sammy's Romanian for a dose of reality and a ridiculously giant steak, some vodka encased in ice and live Romanian "music" ($50). Then off to Congee Village for a steaming bowl of stomach settling Vegetable Congee and maybe a few Blue Hawaiians ($20) just to round out the continental theme.

Finally, the night would not be complete until we popped into Yonah Schimmel's Knishery past the Sunshine Cinema crowd, and somehow manage to get the last two Broccoli Knish $7. I like to think of them as LES nightcaps! The rest of the money I'd give to the delusional homeless man on my street if he promises to not yell biblical prophecies at 3am in the morning anymore.

Get a load of this guy, right? Minimalist it ain't, but the specific, deep references, expert pacing and advanced venue combining make Adam the clear winner.

Several entries made it to the last round of our judging, and we'll be bringing you those later today and next week. Thanks again to all the eaters who submitted entries and congratulations to our winner.