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Week in Reviews: Del Posto (!!!), Urena, Peacock Alley

[Kalina, 12/17/05.]

1) Frank Bruni. Del Posto. Three stars. [NYT]

2)Platt checks in with Alex Urena, formerly of Bouley and Blue Hill (with a stop at Ferran Adria's foam-centric El Bulli) and, sympathetically, finds that it's probably harder to open a restaurant (particularly one so slipshodly decorated) than budding Park Avenue South-land restaurateurs might think. Overall, lots of purees, a good rabbit, "excellent" halibut, "excellent" pork belly, and a "superior" squab. WD-50-veteran-invented desserts. [NYMag]

3) Tables for Two gets "deep pleasure" from a pasta at the Waldorf-Astoria's Peacock Alley. TMI. [New Yorker]

Elsewhere, the Cuozz ponders Megu Tribeca in preparation for Megu Midtown, and $25 and Under treks to—wait for it—Staten Island for some sauerbraten and bratwurst at the Nuernberger Bierhaus.