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Bruni's Orange Wednesday Del Postoscript

An oddity worth noting: this afternoon, Bruni posted to the BruniBlog about Del Posto. His second paragraph began:

It wasn’t worth mentioning in the limited space of a formal review, and it isn’t something that detracts from the pleasurable experience of the restaurant. I nonetheless remain transfixed and perplexed by it.
He's talking, of course, about Del Posto's end-of-night takeaway: a bag of breadcrumbs. Given that the crumbs also come with a page touting Batali, Bruni waxes philosophical on the marketing of celebrity chefs. Though he won't quite come out and say it, disapproval tinges the words. Begging the question, is the review on the printed page a stand-alone item no more? Or should restaurants post blog printouts alongside their framed times reviews, creating—bear with us—walls awash in literal hyperlinks? Time shall tell, friends.

And, from Gotham Gastronomy, a final Orange Wednesday oddity: "I was struck by the fact that for several hours, the online department opted to omit Bruni's name from the review, leaving it sans byline. I am sure that the absence was accidental, but in the business, that variety of slip is dubbed 'Freudian.'"
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Del Posto

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