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Porcão Update: Guerilla Marketing Time

[Photo of Porcão Rio's Porcão by—wait for it—Kalina]

Even since the name-change from Rio's back to Porcão, life is not looking up for the Park Avenue South newcomer. A trusted Eater correspondent reports:

Life is just getting sad at Porcao, the splashy new churrascaria. Their lunch business is so bad that they've shoved some poor underdressed waiter out into the cold pleading with passers-by at 26th & Park Avenue to take a handbill. That's certainly common in this neighborhood for crummy Chinese joints or delis. But not 12,000 square-foot aspiring-hipster Brazilian palaces of meat charging $22.90 for lunch and $50 at dinner.
Points for guerilla marketing, though. Meantime, another reader enlightens us about the name: "Actually, the name Porcão means 'big pig.' Via their website: 'The first customary clients of the original Ave Brasil 1st branch themselves decide to call it “Porcão” (next to the Casas da Banha Hipermarket). 'Porcão' was named after the sympathetic and gentle advertisement pig which associated that place to its icon. The portuguese word for 'portion' would have a cedille under the C." Duly noted.


Now if only those crazy kids at Thrillist would update their Google AdWords, we could put this whole mess behind us.
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