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Molto Derailment: Colicchio Wants Del Posto Out, Too

In our continuing exclusive coverage of the Del Posto eviction saga, unspooling as we speak at 85 10th Avenue, today we take a closer look at Batali's installation of duct work that spills out into unrented retail space next door.

Eater has been led to understand that while an 'unrented retail space' may also be involved, the bigger problem is that said duct work -- that would be Del Posto's HVAC system -- extends well into the space that is shortly to become Tom Coliccio's Craftsteak (!!). As is to be expected, Colicchio (the nice man pictured at right) is none too pleased, calling for an immediate removal of either the equipment or Del Posto. (You just know Starr is dying to host eviction strategy sessions for Somerset, Colicchio and anyone else who is down at Morimoto's omakase bar.)

Batali's claims that $500,000 and 2 1/2 months are necessary to fix the problems don't exactly make for an obvious solution. Suddenly it makes some sense that Keil has Sommerset saying, "[w]e assume they're going to try to delay the process until they've had a chance to relocate."

Well, now. When the other orange clog drops, you will be the first to know.
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