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Grilled Cheese NYC Remembered

[Kalina, 4/29/02.]
You've probably heard the news that beloved LES grilled cheesery, Grilled Cheese NYC has closed due to, get this, issues with a new landlord. If you are shocked, saddened and dismayed by this most heinous turn of events, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Here now, Eater remembers Grilled Cheese NYC, via two reader testimonials. Per chance does anyone have a Kleenex?

I know you've heard by now, but I beg of thee to spread the sad news to those who may have tasted its sandwich perfection over the years: GRILLED CHEESE has shut its doors. I've been a Grilled Cheese enthusiast pre-expansion, when it was but a 3x3 store front space on a more subdued Ludlow in '00. The perfect place for a quiet meal, a hangover cure, a munchie session, a connect four showdown, a casual group dinner, etc... it was all these things to me! I am sad to see it go. Can we please see less shitty underage-appealing-super self-conscious bars and some more cheese in the 'nabe? 'Tis a shame...
They say they're looking for another space, but if Tonic is any indication of the turnaround time, I reckon it will be a while until I taste a Grilled Garden again.
Last night, my partner and I were trying to decide what to eat for dinner. And being the dairy-loving, bowl-smoking, Midwesterners that we are, we thought that nothing would hit the spot quite like a delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup from everyone's favorite place to play Connect Four, Grilled Cheese. I called to place an order, but no one picked up - this, in itself, did not discourage me, as the people who work there are generally stoned out of their minds and tend to ignore the phone. So, I decided to hoof over there (about 100 feet from my front door, mind you), and place a take-out order. So I navigate my way through the most entertaining block in NYC: the strip of Stanton between Orchard and Ludlow - I'm convinced it's the only 50 feet in NYC where you can see baby-goths (hanging out in front of Arlene's), cracked-out, toothless prostitutes (in front of the bodega), and Birkin bag-carrying Upper East Siders (waiting for a table at Stanton Social)... but I digress. Anyway, I get to Grilled Cheese... and the restaurant is CLOSED! Not just for the night, but full-on out of business. WTF!

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