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Haute Super Bowl

There is little getting around the fact that Super Bowl Sunday is best spent at home, surrounded by friends and either pounds of BBQ or gallons of guacamole (or some combination of the two). But in the case that you do want a slightly different game plan, we've taken the liberty of putting together the following partial list of restaurants, where you don't have to sacrifice good food to get serious plasma screen inchage. (Truth be told, this is as much for us to have for our own reference as it is for you.)

· dominic/Tribeca
· City Hall/Tribeca
· Bread Tribeca/Tribeca
· I Tre Merli/Soho
· China Grill/Midtown West (pictured)
· Palm West/Theatre District
· Wollensky's Grill/Midtown East
· 'Cesca/UWS
· Mainland/UES
There's got to be at least one or two we missed. If you want to throw another venue in the ring, say the word. Come Final Four or some such event, a new list will be provided for all.