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Name Game: Rebranded Rio Now Porcão Again

What's in a name? Let's find out. A trusted Eater tipster emails:

An identity crisis continues. Just weeks after opening, the Brazlian meat palace Rio has changed its name to Porcão. That was the name the owners had initially touted for the Manhattan outpost of a high-end rodizio chain, located at 26th St. and Park Avenue South. But just before opening in December, they switched to Rio.

A staffer at the restaurant says the owners found that Rio did not resonate and switched and Porcão was more recognizable. Last Thursday they were scraping the old name off the windows and painting on a new one. But the menus still say "Rio". Porcão apparently means means "portion" in Portugese, not "pork". The place certainly hasn't been very crowded most times I've walked by, and I work in the neighborhood.

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