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Eater IMtereview: Last Days of 71 Clinton

CrbdDaddy: so, said my farewells to 71 clinton on saturday night
SLNYDaddy: oh, yes. talk to me
CrbdDaddy: of a dozen meals there in the past five years
CrbdDaddy: was the very best
SLNYDaddy: quite the bittersweet ending then
SLNYDaddy: you get caught up, or was it actually the best?
CrbdDaddy: appetizer genius: squid ink gnocchi
SLNYDaddy: wow
CrbdDaddy: no, everyone in the party was blown away
SLNYDaddy: 4-top?
CrbdDaddy: 3-top
CrbdDaddy: N.B. seats available at bar at 8:30pm on a saturday
SLNYDaddy: that would have been unheard of a even a year ago -- seats at the bar on a sat
SLNYDaddy: could you feel it in the room?
SLNYDaddy: how many people were there having a last meal is my question?

CrbdDaddy: i don't think very many
CrbdDaddy: just a typical saturday night atmosphere
SLNYDaddy: save the receipt?
CrbdDaddy: neglected to
CrbdDaddy: it will have to live on in my memory
CrbdDaddy: and the digipix i'm uploading to flickr
SLNYDaddy: if 71 clinton can't survive on clinton st, is there anything that can?
CrbdDaddy: one other thing
CrbdDaddy: server said last night was 3/11, not 3/15
CrbdDaddy: which will make that saturday night the last night of disco
CrbdDaddy: get ready to boogie

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