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Strong on Destino: 'Olive Garden Might be Better'

The out-of-the-gate hating on Destino continues today, with Strong taking the latest swing at the new Timberlake/Curko Ital on First Avenue:

Sadly, if this is what Rao’s is about, I’ll pass. I had a chance to check it out Friday night and, unfortunately was quite dismayed. The place was a high end Olive Garden. Actually, I think Olive Garden might be better. Dinner began with a basket of stale slices of white bread in a straw basket with a dish of olive oil. Our first course, clams casino, were chewy and bathed in an amount of garlic and oil that I have never experienced in my life. For pasta, we had ziti in a bland and chewy pancetta and tomato sauce. We were asked if we wanted cheese. We said, “Yes, please.” The waiter arrived and sprinkled powdered Parmesan over the top. Are you kidding me? Powdered Parmesan? Were we at Pizza Hut?
Strong doesn't invoke the 'Pizza Hut' willy nilly, mind you. Clearly, we (they, actually) have a real problem. The question of the day is, by what percentage does Timberlake's bill at Grubman go up if Lizzie is going to be doing simultaneous opening and damage control work?
· Strong Buzz 2/27/06: Destino [Strong]

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