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Eater Dish Weekend Edition: Mexicana Mama, Destino, Pink Elephant

1) Mexicana Mama has finally opened their east side location at 47 East 12th St. It's been about a week and a half now, which means the coast is likely clear. NB: Schrambling (scrolling req'd., natch) and other have had trouble finding it, so do look carefully on the north side of 12th St.

2) In an impossibly quiet fashion, Destino has opened at 891 First Avenue (50th St). Why so 'impossibly' quiet? Recall that this is restaurant in which Justin Timberlake has a minority stake. But more importantly, Mario Curko, formerly of Rao's, is in the kitchen. Their website is under construction, but the rich, clubby aesthetic should properly set your expectations to Expensive Italian. PR is by Grubman, meaning that you'll very soon start seeing the Timberlake Page Six/Intelligencer/Rush & Malloy mentions guaranteed by his $5K monthly retainer.

3) In clubland news, the relocated Pink Elephant reopens this weekend on West 27th Street, just west of Bungalow 8. As Jossip had reported, the new club is technically located inside the club/horror show Crobar. Fortunately, however, there is no connecting door open between the venues open to the public. Pink Elephant owner David Sarner and company had their opening party last night and are now ready for you, should you for some reason get the urge to brave that neighborhood on a weekend evening.