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Tips On Reading the Bruniblog, Level I

Over on the Bruniblog, Frank's topic of the day, commanding a hefty 697 words, is burgers. Though at first blush this may seem like quite a lot to wade through, we think our research labs have come up with a highly operable way of tackling this monster and other longish Bruniblog posts. Our experts suggest that you add the phrase "Dear Diary" at the very top of your read and, at your discretion, refer to said diary along the way. They believe this will ensure your read of his material is maximally enjoyable. Like so:

Dear Diary,

I love burgers. And I do mean love.

I love them plain. I love them with cheese. I love them especially if that cheese is Swiss, Diary, and maybe even more especially if it’s a good Cheddar, and maybe best of all if it’s some kind of blue cheese, so long as that cheese isn’t in the center of the burger, although in the end that’s really fine with me, too. My love for burgers is not only ardent and epic but also unbigoted and magnanimous.

But I don’t get to indulge it as often as I’d like, Diary. The restaurants in the crosshairs of the newspaper’s main weekly review aren’t usually places that serve or showcase burgers...

The [Rare] patty was nicely shaped: vaguely spherical and very tall, but not too tall to eat, and not so tall that the area around the center had to be slightly overcooked so that the center itself wasn’t raw. Pretty much through and through, the burger was medium rare, which was just how we’d requested it.

But, Diary, its main drawback was the lack of a decent char on the outside. But while that meant the patty didn’t offer much in the way of textural contrast, the two halves of bun did. The outer parts were soft and fluffy, while the parts that touched the patty had been rendered crisp by a brief stint on the grill. Nice work, wouldn't you say, Diary?

See how much better that is, Diary? Go enjoy. The Bruniblog is now yours for the taking.
· Burger Bound [Bruniblog]