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Hooters Hoax: Pranksters Come Forward

Hoax of the Year front-runners John Grady and Mark Nickelsburg have come forward and identified themselves as the architects of Monday's Hooters scare. The East Villagers' motivation seems to be a simple combination of protest and voyeurism. In their own words:

John: Though it was freezing out that night we stayed as long as we could watching people's reactions to the signs. If it was a warm summer evening I would have set up a folding chair and watched all night.

Mark: The 2nd avenue Deli closing has been the talk of the neighborhood and a big sore spot for all of us, so the opportunity was perfect...Had we known what a stir it was going to cause on the blogs, we would have taken the extra 10 minutes to make a more realistic sign!

Hindsight is always 20/20, gents; next time, warmer weather and laser printers. Nonetheless, hat tip on a job well done. 'Summer 2006' really was a nice touch.

As an added bonus, the now-famous Hooters flyer is available for download just below. Print one for posterity. Print five and hang them on a neighborhood venue in danger of being taken over by a national restaurant chain.
· The Hooters Flyer [.pdf download]
· Second Ave. Hooters Update: Officially a Hoax [~E~]

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