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Heavy Breathing Update: Schrambling Takes the Bait!

We thought we'd give you respite yesterday from the Great Blogger Throwdown of 2006. Today, on we go!

In her own way, Schrambling has responded to Strong's categorization of her as a 'wicked witch':

Did someone say wicked witch? About me? Hey, I’m just subscribing to the Alice Roosevelt Longworth credo: “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, come sit by me.” And I just wonder why someone looking for happy talk stays on the bile page instead of clicking through to sweetness and light. (Hint: I loved Philadelphia this trip.) But I really know the answer; it’s as close as the new Food & Wine. Kicking up one little guano storm has gotten it more attention than 10 years’ worth of heavily hyped “best new chef” declarations ever did. And there’s a thought. How long till they do a cover on “worst new blogs”?
Naturally, we don't know what half of that means (Reggie, care to shed some light?), but the rough translation seems to be, "Aw, that's sweet, that thing you said about me. I hate love you too, Andrea." Also, if you look closely, there may even be a pot shot at Food & Wine in there.

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