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Morimoto Express: The Iron Chef Speaks

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Later today, URBANDADDY drops a highly entertaining interview with Morimoto himself. Though we don't find out if, say, he's finding things in NY harder than expected, we do now know he's helped more than 30 men propose over the years. Eater has scored a sneak peak* at the Q & A, just the thing to ease you in after the long weekend:

UD: Favorite restaurant in the world?
MM: A sushi restaurant called Kyubei, in Tokyo, Ginza. The owner chef, his mind is very flexible. Most sushi chefs are traditional, it must be like this. He is not like this kind of person.

UD: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen happen in any of your restaurants?
MM: I have been there 4 years at Morimoto, and it’s kind of a famous restaurant in Philly. Lots of birthdays, anniversaries. Many guys ask me to help propose. He gives me the ring, I put the ring in food, I bring the food and serve it to her and say, this is from him. I did it over 30 times. With 100% yes. Right after, I shake the guy’s hand and say, “welcome to hell.” [Laughter.] I’m joking. Is this bad?

UD: Do you have an iPod?
MM: I have one but I cannot put anything on it. I drive a Mercedes, I have so many things here [on the dashboard], I cannot use anything. I am not a digital guy. I cannot set up the CD, I cannot see the DVD, I cannot use the navigation system.

As you can see, the Iron Chef is a simple man. But there's plenty more. Later, find out who Morimoto picks in a Batali/Flay cage match, his advice for the dating gentleman, and his most costly high school mistake.

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*Scored for good reason, as you'll soon learn.


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