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On the Menu: Adjectives

Blogger Somethink to Chew On ponders a Sundance movie analysis theory that says movie descriptions featuring more nouns and fewer adjectives are likely to be better movies, and applies it to NYC menus:

I don't have the time to write a web-crawler that tries to correlate the adjectives and ratings on, but here's the Meat selection at the extravagant Alain Ducasse:

Squab breast radish, turnip, daikon cooked/ raw, light jus
Medallions of Millbrook venison roasted fall vegetables, "poivrade"' sauce
Lamb rack "au sautoir" condiment of dried fruit and piquillos, creamy quinoa
Aged Ribeye of Black Angus shallots, Boston bibb lettuce, panisses, sabayon
Blue foot chicken crisp and tender endives, sabayon (for two people)

I estimate a roughly 2:1 ration of nouns to adjectives. Yep, I'll eat there... (As long as I don't have to foot the bill...)

If you've encountered NYC menus particularly heavy on the adjectives, send word our way.
· Adjectives in Restaurant Menus [Somethink to Chew On]