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Heavy Breathing Update: Strong v. Schrambling?

[Before we go any farther, we again warn you of the ugliness that is just ahead. Now, however, there is the added element of blogger-on-blogger hate. Which is ug-ly.--Ed.]

In re Strong v. Wells: The Great Blogger Throwdown of 2006, there is something else. It seems that Wells favorite Regina Schrambling of the rather caustic Gastropoda has taken, not one but, two shots at Lady Strongbuzz in recent months. First there was this (we'd link if we could, RS):

Every day in every way American journalism loses a little more credibility. The latest example might not be as bad as a reporter admitting taking money from a crook she met at church in return for writing favorable articles (and ratting him out only when he didn’t pay the full freight). But you have to wonder about the newspaper, the freelancer and the whole world when a woman who writes a book with a chef gets to turn around and blow her a big drooling kiss in print. Hope it sold some cookbooks. And maybe some takeout. But the price of integrity just keeps dropping. If the food is really that spectacular, someone with distance if not believability should say it. Otherwise the Jeff Gannons will have won.
Then there was this:
Walk into the new Balducci’s and you’ll be stopped cold, not by the displays in that gorgeous space but by the PR cojones. An easel just inside the door sports a big blowup of the NYPost article singing the glories of the chef and the takeout -- written by the chef’s co-author of her cookbook. You know, someone you can trust to be absolutely impartial. At least Bloomberg has the sense to warn readers the puff-stuff it runs does not necessarily jibe with its opinions.
So we are left with two questions. First, perhaps, per chance, is there any possibility at all that these thinly veiled shots made Pete feel better about taking his? Because we do know that he's a fan of Reggie's. Second, how does Strong pick her rebuttal subjects?
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