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Eater Undercover: Blue Owl's 'Hidden' Room Revealed

Part of the allure of the new speakeasy-themed Blue Owl is that there is a secret VIP room hidden somewhere within the bar (right: it's actually just through this door). And the bar's owners don't want you to see it. While Kalina could get shots of the speakeasy itself, he could not get inside the metaspeakeasy, this hidden other room. His words: "I asked about the ‘secret room’ and the owner dude said I absolutely could not take photos of it. It looked like if I did he would (and could) snap my neck."

But today, something arrived via anonymous email.

Here she is, in all her glory, the Blue Owl Secret VIP Room.


To enhance your experience of looking at this image, read from the PR materials:

Whereas some bars claim to be based off the speakeasy theme, Blue Owl actually possesses its own secret space. VIPs can reserve this back room and receive a personal server, a private bathroom, and personalized music selection from an Ipod. A private password to access the secret space from a back entrance through a courtyard is texted to the guest one hour before the event. The side entrance isn’t the only secret about accessing the space, access is available through a one-way mirror, just in case anyone wants to invite someone special into the VIP room.
Damn, we love press releases. Proof that this is not a photo of a hallway.
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