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Eater Exclusive: Freemans' Facelift!

Direct from the owners of Freemans, we've learned that the restaurant is on the verge of closing for 2 weeks, beginning on February 20th, mostly to do a gut renovation of the kitchen. But that is not even the best part. Seems that since November the boys have been quietly working on a new space (pictured above), which, when completed, will double the size of their monstrously popular Freemans Alley restaurant. Per one William Tigertt:

The new space will keep the old cozy residential feel with a series of small rooms including, a new bar, a working gas fireplace, private dining room in the wine cellar, a brand new gas kitchen, and—best of all—a total of four bathrooms.
Expanded diggs are slated to open late March/early April, with weekday lunch service to follow by early summer.

Thank you, William Tigertt. Thank you, Taavo Somer.