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Heavy Breathing Update: Lady Strongbuzz Speaks!

[More words of caution here, before we get back into the blogger-on-blogger hate love.]

Here now, Strong's response to Strong v. Schrambling (which she kindly sent to us via email). The ladies' 'bout, of course, just an undercard matchup to The Great Blogger Throwdown of 2006:

you can publish this as my response to ms schrambling. i am not going to waste more strong buzz space on this issue:
i love the schrambling bit -- she is always good for a zinger or two (or ten). does the woman ever say anything nice? um, no, and i think she's rare and great in her refusal to be human. as far as her shot at me, it's a fair one i suppose, though i wrote the piece for the post on a newsworthy opening and on the history and rebirth of balducci's, it was an article that barely included the cookbook and I disclosed my conflict openly in the article. so i don't see the big whoop. regina, my darling wicked witch of the food world, take shots at me all you like. i know you've got the soul of the devil but i love you just the same.
Now, technically, is that last bit 'heavy breathing'? Pete, thoughts?
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