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BruniBlog: Day 1

Highlights from BruniBlog day 1:

· Frank wastes no time getting to the flogging, setting a pretty hostile tone by hating on David Burke's Burke at Bloomies: "Mr. Burke has parlayed it into a glorified snack bar just past the Clinique counter." Oooh.

· A total of 44 comments were logged. For the Best Comment award, we have a tie between Melvin Snyder and Eleanor.

Melvin's: "Mr. Bruni, it’s a good thing for you that Food & Wine’s Pete Wells already published his column about food blogs because you’d effortlessly make his “tiny empires of boredom” list. Welcome to the blogosphere."

And Eleanor's: "Please don't forget Staten Island"

(Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winners.)

· Total in-post links: 10; Number of these links that pointed to another NY Times page: 9

And with that, on to day 2.
· Bruniblog [NYT]

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