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Heavy Breathing Update: Wells v. Strong Linkage

Hesitant as we are to fan the flames in the now-legendary Wells v. Strong foodblogger throwdown, we're going to serve up some additional linkage about the fray. Below, the first two links offer excellent summations of the action, while the third link delivers you to the best comment thread on this affair that we've seen. Finally, as a bonus fourth link, check out another foodblogger shitstorm in San Francisco.

When you've adjusted your gas masks accordingly, dive in. [Hat tip: Kuban, who emails, "It's like a foodblogger meltdown. The soufflé is falling!"]
· Food & Wine's Pete Wells Declares War on the Food Blogosphere [Deep End Dining]
· On Pete Wells' "In the Belly of the Blog” [Pinoy Cook]
· In Defense of the Cheese Sandwich [Food Musings]
· The Commonwealth Club Features Food Bloggers! [KQED via A Full Belly]

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